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Mid-Week Pennant- Nov 21

The A2 side played Wodonga at home, and even though they had their first loss for the season going down by 10 shots, they are still in 1st place on the ladder.

Adam Larkins, Ketch, Ray McLarty and Andy Dickins lost 17 to 29.

Maree Jones, Justin Robb, Rod Garthwaite and Jordan Thornton had a 24 all draw after being 1-18 down.

Judy Black, Darryl Brown, Wayne Lee and Ken Widdison won 20 to 18.

The B1 side played Benalla at home and finished strongly to increase a 4-shot lead with a few ends to play into a 17-shot win.

Dom Carroll, John Danaher, Bev Pilfoot and Peter Summerill won 21 to 14.

Brian Houlihan, Tony Coughlin, Gary Brown and Anne Summerill won 27 to 20.

Alan Holmquest, Susie Swift, Les Pilfoot and Bryan Gee came from behind to win 17 to 14.

The B2 side played Wangaratta at home and lost by an agonising 3 shots. This side has won 2 games for the season and is in 5th place.

Ros Lewis, Sam Nixon, Greg Keyte and David Lewis won 23 to 13.

Lynne Ewison, Roly Nixon, Wendy Robb and Peter Mills won 18 to 17.

Anne Smith, Rosemary Baddeley, Laurie Way and John Creighton lost 10 to 24.

The B3 side played Lavington at home and lost by 11 shots.

Kelli-Anne Briggs, Roseann Prentice, Joan Wood and Ross Ewison lost 18 to 22.

Pam Lee, Rhonda Clark, Jenny Lawrence and Garry Neill lost 13 to 15.

Janet Mills, Gordon Nightingale, Julie Holmquest and Dux MacQueen lost 12 to 17.

Weekend Pennant- Nov 25

The A 1 side travelled to Myrtleford and had

their second loss for the season, going down by 25 shots.

Ray McLarty, Keith Mills, Raz Porter and Jordan Thornton lost 10 to 25.

Adam Larkins, Andy Dickins, Danny Webb and Scott Widdison lost 15 to 19.

Judy Black, Mark Brack, Troy Brockley and Shawn McMahon lost 13 to 21.

Darryl Brown, Wayne Lee, Ken Widdison and Stuart McNeill won 17 to 15.

The A4 side played YMGCR at home and had a 15- shot win.

Levi Phibbs, Justin Robb, Alan Holmquest and Peter Summerill won 20 to 15.

Chris Reilly, Lynne Ewison, Allen Bartlett and Anne Summerill lost 20 to 22.

Dom Carroll, Sam Nixon, Les Pilfoot and Ketch won 26 to11.

Nate Jones, Brian Houlihan, Susie Swift and Gary Brown lost 20 to 23.

The B2 side played Club Mulwala at home and won by 19 shots.

Rhonda Clark, Roly Nixon, Wendy Robb and Peter Mills won 22 to 15.

Jenny Lawrence, Rosemary Baddeley, Tony Fierenzi and Jeff Nixon won 24 to 16.

Lynne Mills, Tony Townsing, Barry Warburton and Greg Keyte won 20 to 16.

The B3 side played Myrtleford at home and lost by 11 shots.

Gordon Nightingale, Roseann Prentice, Robyn Fierenzi and Ross Ewison lost 12 to 26.

Marilyn Langton, Julie Holmquest, Joan Wood and Laurie Way won 21 to 13.

Pam Lee, Dux MacQueen, Wally Langton and Garry Neill lost 11 to 16.

Barefoot Bowls

From November 23 until the end of March, barefoot bowls will be available every Thursday evening from 6pm. Entry is free. On the first Thursday of each month, a BBQ will be held, and the cost of that is $5.

Club Championships

In the Men’s Singles 3 quarter finals were played. Keith Mills defeated Scott Widdison 25 to 9. Andy Dickins defeated Shawn McMahon 25 to 12. Ken Widdison defeated Stu McNeill 25 to 24. Jordan Thornton and Les Pilfoot are yet to play.

In the Ladies Singles, the 2 semifinals were played. Laurie Way defeated Lynne Ewison in a marathon 31-end game, 25 to 24. Anne Summerill defeated Pam Lee 25 to 8.

Christmas Party

A luncheon will be held in the Federation Room at Club Corowa on Sunday, December 10. Names are required by November 30.





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